Our keynote roundtables feature prominent literary critics who were active in the 1970s or whose expertise relates directly to that era. 

In place of keynote speakers ReSurfacing/Refaire Surface will feature three Keynote Roundtables of half-a-dozen national and international scholars each. The format is aimed at ensuring discussion and exchange between roundtable and conference participants alike. Roundtable speakers will make short presentations and then engage in discussion with one another and with members of the conference audience.

Roundtable # 1
Each speaker will revisit one writer’s work from the era.

Roundtable # 2
Participants will each highlight one critic’s work or one critical work of special impact during the period.

Roundtable # 3
Speakers will choose an event or organization or institution that marked the decade.

Confirmed national and international roundtable participants (in alphabetical order)
Jeannette Armstrong, Marie Carrière, Louise Forsyth, Kathy Garay, Carole Gerson, Sherrill Grace, Karen Gould, Mary Jean Green, Linda Hutcheon, Smaro Kamboureli, Jane Koustas, Lucie Lequin, Jane Moss, Arun Mukherjee, Joseph Pivato, Lori Saint-Martin, Patricia Smart, Conny Steenman Marcusse, Aritha Van Herk

Roundtable participants have proposed to discuss the 1970s in relation to… Margaret Atwood, Marie-Claire Blais, Maria Campbell, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Michèle Mailhot; Quebec women’s theatre (Le Théâtre des cuisines, La Nef des sorcières, Les Fées ont soif), writers and critics (Josette Féral, Hélène Pednault, Renée Legris, Jane Moss, Lucie Robert), Suzanne Lamy, Barbara Godard, Linda Hutcheon; the banning of Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners; the 1978 Great Canadian Novel conference; the role of Anansi Press … and more.

Please note that the Roundtable topics are not meant to be exhaustive, but merely the beginning of discussions to be expanded, enriched, developed, and debated in the paper presentations throughout the conference.  As stated in the Call for Papers, proposals are invited on any topic related to the conference theme.