4011 projects:

As a way of deepening the Drama Studies curriculum and encouraging students to develop knowledge and skills in specific areas, the Major and Minor in drama offer "DRAM 4011 Advanced Theatre Interpretation" courses, which are independent studies linked to the Motyer-Fancy Theatre season. Each winter students in 2nd & 3rd year propose projects for the following academic year, and the theatre season is built around creating opportunities to enable as many of these projects to go forward as possible. In the term of the course, each student works one-on-one with a faculty or staff mentor, meeting regularly individually and as group with other 4011 students, while completing the practical and academic work associated with the project. The following webpages and documents outline the way "4011s" work and how to apply for them. Any questions, don't hesitate to email Cordula Quint, the 4011 Coordinator, or the Director of Drama.

“This course involves projects in areas such as acting, directing, management, writing, and design as assigned within the Motyer-Fancy Theatre’s season by the Director of Drama. Practical results are supported by written and/or visual materials as appropriate” (Academic Calendar). In other words, the purpose of Drama 4011 is to allow students majoring or minoring in drama to achieve individualized learning objectives, while advancing their skills in and knowledge of a specific dimension of theatre craft under the guidance of a faculty or staff mentor. Examples of projects students have completed in the past include acting, directing, assistant directing, stage management, set design, lighting design, costume design, theatre photography, and playwriting.

For more information, download the General Information document. 

For general projects, download this application form: Project Proposals form 

For the Advanced Acting Projects: download this application form: Advanced Acting Proposals form.


Please note: the deadline for applications for 2019-20 projects is March 4, 2019.