Selection of short scenes 

Directed by Sierra Belong

Outdoor Eco-theatre 

"It's time to start talking about climate change"

time TBA October 18-20
$5 General; $3 Students/Seniors

Thursdays PWYC

   Assassins by Steven Sondheim and John Weidman  

Directed by Paul Del Motte, Musical Direction by Jennie Del Motte and Matt Thompson

"Bold, original, disturbing, and alarmingly funny, Assassins takes a look at the lives of nine individuals who assassinated or tried to assassinate the President of the United States in a one-act historical 'revusical' that explores the dark side of the American experience"

7:30pm October 24-27
$10 General; $5 Students/Seniors

 1918: Don't Worry, Rejoice

Directed by Alex Fancy

Year Five of the Allisonians-at War project.
November 6 7:30PM & 11 3PM

End of I by Diana Amsterdam 

Directed by Marissa Trott

“People disappear off this planet all the time, can't you save me?”


The End of Pretending by Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman and Emily Sugerman 

Directed and performed by Kennedy Longaphie and Gillian Kiessling

"Clever, funny, captivating: The End of Pretending follows two girls on the cusp of adulthood"

7:30pm November 29-December 1
$5General; $3 Students/Seniors

Created by Tintamarre
Directed by Alex Fancy 

"Why do I want to be alone? Pourquoi cette envie d'être seul?"
7:30pm February 6-9
$10 General; $5 Students/Seniors

 Adaptation of Saint Joan of the Stockyards

Written by Bertolt Brecht
Directed by Shelley Liebembuk

"A playful interrogation of how we can participate ethically and meaningfully in the socio-political sphere, this adaptation interweaves scenes from Bertolt Brecht's insightful deconstruction of political modes and the individual's negotiation of the system at large, with contemporary vignettes devised by the cast."
7:30pm March 13-16
$10 General; $5 Students/Seniors

  The War of Conditioning by Charlie Rhindress

Directed by Jarod Monk

"Two old fashioned parents find out their children’s sexuality goes against the norm."


Play by Samuel Beckett
Directed by Glen Nichols
  7:30pm March 28-30
 $5 General; $3 Students/Seniors