The Shape of the Major Area of Studies
Students wishing to pursue a Major in Drama begin their studies with Drama 1701, Introduction to Drama. This is followed up with courses at the 2000 level in acting (Drama 2151) and production (Drama 2161), and at the 3000 level in directing (Drama 3151) and design (Drama 3161). A course in Dramatic Theory (Drama 3001) encourages students to reflect on their practice and on the nature and possibilities of the medium. Students finish their drama studies by completing one or two independent projects in areas of special interest. DRAM 4011 (Advanced Theatrical Interpretation) allows students to work with a mentor from the faculty or staff to design and execute a major theatrical project related to the Motyer-Fancy Theatre season in writing, design, directing, management, or acting. Complementing this is the DRAM 4951 (Independent Study) option where a student can work with a faculty advisor in tackling a subject not covered in any of our regular academic courses.

Finally, a Special Topics course, Drama x991, is offered when resources permit, for students to approach a topic identified for special study (typically a writer or writers, a movement, a practitioner or practitioners, theoretical issues, or political issues, for example).

The Shape of the Minor Area of Studies
For the Minor, students complete several of the "core" courses above: Drama 1701, the 2000-level and 3000-level acting and directing and production courses (Drama 2151, 2161, 3151, 3161), and the theory course (3001), plus six credits from among the courses in Dramatic Literature offered by other departments, or from the Drama 4000 series.

For more specific details please see the University Calendar

All students are strongly encouraged to review their course choices each year with the Drama Program advisor.