English Courses 2018-2019

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Please note:  Not all courses are offered every year.

Fall 2018 Term  

1201A-E Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis, TBA
1701A Introduction to Drama Studies, Dr. C. Quint
1801A Introduction to Prose Fiction, Dr. P. Brown
2201A Literary Periods to 1800, Dr. J. Rogers
2211A Introduction to Shakespeare, Dr. K. Bamford
2701A Introduction to American Literature, Dr. P. Brown
2801A Introduction to Canadian Literature, Dr. T. Craig
3231A Sixteenth Century Literature, Dr. J. Rogers
3451A Literature in the Age of Romanticism, Dr. Dr. J. Kerr
3551A Development of Modern Drama, Dr. G. Nichols
3821A The Canadian Postmodern Dr. T. Craig
3871A Contemporary Literary Theory I, Dr. P. Brown
3911A Studies in Literary Genre, Dr. G. Miller
3951A Literature and the Natural World, Dr. J. Kerr
4231A Chekhov and Company, Dr. K. Bamford This intensive upper-level course examines the dramatic work of the great Russian playwright Anton Chekhov (1860-1904), and its profound influence on the twentieth-century stage.  We begin with a study of Chekhov's four major plays - The Seagull, Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and The Cherry Orchard - and then read a variety of international scripts that respond to or adapt Chekhov's.  Authors studied include G.B. Shaw (1856-1950) and Brian Friel (1929-2015); as well as London-based Tom Stoppard (b. 1937) and Timberlake Wertenbaker (b.1956). Previous courses in dramatic literature are an asset, but not necessary. Students need primarily a willingness to read, think and talk about the texts. For more information or permission to register, contact Karen Bamford kbamford@mta.ca 

Winter 2019 Term  

1121A Literature, Science & Technology, Dr. J. Rogers
1201G Introduction to Principles of Literary Analysis, Dr. S. Fanning
1501A Introduction to Poetry, Dr. G. Miller
1701B Introduction to Drama, TBA
1801B Introduction to Prose Fiction, Dr. G. Miller
1991A The Graphic Novel, Dr. T. Craig
2301A Literary Periods, 1800 - Present - Dr. J. Kerr
3211A Advanced Studies in Shakespeare, Dr. K. Bamford
3241A Texts in Early English Literature, Dr. J. Rogers
3431A Restoratoin & 18th Century Drama, Dr. G. Nichols
3461A Literature of the Regency. Dr. J. Kerr
3661A Literature by Women in the 20 th  Century, Dr. K. Bamford
3731A African American Literature, Dr. P. Brown
3761A Literature of Australia, NZ and S Pacific, Dr. T. Craig
3841A Modern Canadian Drama, Dr. G. Nichols
3851A Creative writing, Dr. D. Wills
3881A Contemporary Literary Theory II, Dr. P. Brown
3931A Aspects of Postmodernism, Dr. D. Wills
4801A Special Topics: in Canadian Literature, Dr. A. Beverley
"Canadian Women Writers in Their Times"
This course will look at how Canadian women writers have represented some of the most pressing issues of their day, such as women's liberation, the threat of nuclear war, and settler-colonial violence. We will focus on fiction and poetry, primarily from the contemporary period. The emphasis will be on open and honest seminar-style discussions of our close readings. If you have questions about the course or would like to enroll, contact Dr. Andrea Beverley at abeverley@mta.ca.