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Faculty Updates for 2019 - 2020
Dr. Sarah Fanning will be teaching ENGL 1201 B and ENGL 1201 E in the Fall 2019 term, and ENGL 1201 A in the Winter 2020 term.
Dr. Geordie Miller will be teaching ENGL 3871 A in the Fall 2019 term and ENGL 1501 A  in the Winter 2020 term.


Prize Winners for 2018 - 2019
Kennedy Longaphie - McKiel Scholarship 3rd Year going into 4th, Major/Honours
Samuelle Saindon - Bryce McKiel Essay Prize
Tyler Haché - Allison Watson Beveridge Prize in (English Grad with highest achievement)
Ainslie Campbbell - Jennie Robinson Quinn Prize (Female with highest standing)
Hanna Wilson- Roger Calkins Prize in Shakespeare Studies
Maia Herriot- Grace Tomkinson Memorial Prize in English (highest achievement in third-year English)
Kie Gates - Edwin Ernest Graham Memorial Prize (highest standing in second-year English)
Mirelle Naud - Carrie MacMillan Prize in Canadian Literature
Maggie Washington - Dr. Will R. Bird Prize (Second Year Student) 
Tyler Haché - Hazel Steeves Creative Writing Prize 
Tyler Haché - MASU Department Prize