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1)   Creative Writing Announcements
Please read on for information that will be of interest to creative writers in the Department of English:
1.  Applying for ENGLISH 3850 , the Creative Writing seminar
2.  Entering your writing  in the GRAHAM ATLANTIC CREATIVE WRITING PRIZE
1) For students interested in applying for the 2018/19 creative writing seminar, here are some important details about the course and how to apply for admission:  
ENGLISH 3850, the Creative Writing seminar, is a senior-level, full-year, 6 credit course running on Friday afternoons from September through April. The course is workshop style, which means it is active, hands-on, lively, and critique- and discussion-oriented. The seminar work is based on the new, original writing regularly produced by each course participant and the critique and discussion generated by the work each week, Because of the emphasis on discussion and critique, the department caps the enrollment in order to keep the class size manageably small, so expect a lively ongoing conversation about writing as the central dynamic of the class.
You can apply to next year's creative writing course by submitting a portfolio of original writing by this year's deadline of Friday April 13, 2018  at 4:00 p.m. 

We will  notify you shortly after the application deadline, but this depends on the number of applications submitted: if a high number of applications are received, the process will take  a bit longer. (You might want to consider registering for another course as a back-up choice until you are notified whether or not you've been accepted into the seminar).
Portfolios should contain 6-8 pieces of your strongest original work ; this work can be in any genre with the exception of academic essays or journalism (although creative non-fiction is welcome). If you write longer works such as novels or plays, please include only a section or chapter along with a brief overview of the entire work.
Along with these samples of your writing, please include a brief cover letter containing your contact information, email address, and what year of study you'll be entering at Mount Allison in Fall 2018 (this is important to include, since, all else being equal, we prioritize students who are entering their final year), and what you hope to gain from and bring to the course.

Applications should be submitted in an envelope marked "English 3850 Application" and handed in at the English Department office or emailed to ; all material will be kept confidential.

2)     Submissions are invited for this year's GRAHAM ATLANTIC CREATIVE WRITING PRIZE.

Submissions of original creative writing are welcome for this year's Graham Atlantic Prize contest in creative writing. Interested students may submit work (poetry, fiction, or creative non-fiction) up to a maximum of 12 pages.
The submission deadline is Friday April 13, 2018 by 4 pm . Work should be submitted in an envelope clearly marked "GRAHAM ATLANTIC CREATIVE WRITING CONTEST" and given to Ms. Elaine Simpson in the English Department office; please make sure that your name appears on the envelope only, not on the work itself. Please do not submit original
copies, as entries cannot be returned. All entries are read anonymously by the Graham Prize selection committee.
We wish you the best of luck with all your creative endeavors, and look forward to reading your work.  

If you have any questions feel free to contact  meanwhile, we wish you all the best with
your writing!

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Beyond the B.A.


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