Be inspired in Mount Allison’s Faculty of Arts.faculty of arts music class

Creativity, analysis, perspective — an Arts degree provides the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed for success no matter what your career path.

The Faculty of Arts helps students better understand their place in the world and how and why modern society functions as it does. They are encouraged to use that insight to become independent thinkers who are forces for positive change in their communities and around the globe.

Let our exceptional faculty and our innovative, engaged, and adventurous students spur you to excellence.

Mission statement

The Faculty of Arts embraces multidisciplinary approaches to make sense of the human experience, past and present. Through dedicated faculty expertise, small group learning, and one-on-one research opportunities, we inspire and support the ability to think both critically and creatively. We help students develop the intellectual proficiency and flexibility to adapt and respond to their changing world.

Through innovative programs, creative engagement, and high standards, we empower students to think for themselves, to ethically contribute to their communities, and to forge their own futures.