Sackville's art community is extremely active and vibrant and was selected as a Cultural Capital of Canada in 2008. Although the town is quite small, many artists from across Canada have chosen to settle here and help create an atmosphere of collegiality and creativity from which our students gain immense benefit.

Another important facet of Sackville's community is its art institutions. The Owens Art Gallery is Canada's oldest university art gallery and plays an integral part in our curriculum, through its exhibition programs, as a teaching space and for its many public and educational activities. Additionally, Owens director and curator Gemey Kelly teaches Art History and Museum Studies courses in the Department of Fine Arts.

 Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Art Centre are artist-run spaces that provide non-commercial, non-museum facilities and venues for artist-led projects. As well as being a vital resource for professional artists in the region, their artist residency program, festivals, and other activities bring artists to Sackville from across Canada and abroad on a regular basis. Both of these organizations are vital collaborators with the Department of Fine Arts and fantastic resources for students and the wider community.

Students in the Fine Arts Department also enjoy the privilege of running the START Gallery in space loaned by Struts and Faucet. Exhibitions in this space are selected by anonymous peer juries and are often the first shows that students have outside of the context of studio course work.

 Danica Lundy START show

Danica Lundy, How I Know I'm Here (installation view), START Gallery, 2013