The BFA degree

The foundation year of the BFA degree includes introductory courses in Drawing, Photography/Printmaking, Painting/Sculpture and Elements of Art. You will also study Art History and elective courses. This year is meant to expose students to a broad range of material and conceptual options available in contemporary art practice, as well as providing a solid base of skills for later years.

Second year courses allow students to explore particular media in greater depth, with more emphasis on the development of your individual artistic voice. We encourage students to create a dialogue between the studio areas that they are working in and to begin considering the cultural context of art-making activities. Making connections to disciplines outside of Fine Arts through elective courses is an opportunity to enrich and deepen your understanding of this context.

Third year presents challenging intermediate level courses designed to foster an independent line of investigation in your studio work.  The focus is on developing students' relationships to process, idea generation and disciplined studio practice, while also introducing sustained discussion of theoretical issues in contemporary art. This year is designed to prepare you for the demands of the fourth year and is a transition from more structured, project-based coursework to the development and pursuit of your own artistic interests.

Students in the final year of their BFA program take two Advanced Studio courses with two faculty per semester, and are also involved in several other activities and workshops referred to as the Fourth Year Program. Studio courses are not media-based and course criteria are developed between individual students and faculty at the beginning of each semester.  All BFA students in Fourth Year participate in major critiques at mid-term each semester with each student making a formal, public presentation of their work to Fine Arts faculty and peers. Fourth Years also attend workshops on practical topics such as documentation and grant writing. In the winter semester, students focus on organizing and hanging a BFA graduating student exhibition at the Owens Art Gallery as the culmination of their degree.

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Claire PaquetClaire Paquet, me and ludivine (after Edwin Holgate), 2013