The following courses will be offered during the 2017-2018 academic year:


GERM 1001. Elementary German I is an introductory language course for students with no previous knowledge of German. Basic German syntax and grammar are introduced. A mandatory language lab hour is associated with this class in order to also develop speaking skills. (2 sections)

GERM 2001. Intermediate German I is a second-year language course for students who have successfully completed GERM 1011. It consists of a thorough review of grammar, while continuing to build vocabulary and cultural knowledge of German-speaking countries. Focus is given to the development of oral skills and conversation.

GERM 2601. This course offers a survey of key texts and ideas in modern German fiction from the Enlightenment to the twenty-first century.

GERM 3001. Advanced German I strengthens existing reading, writing and speaking skills, while also deepening the students’ cultural understanding of the German-speaking world. Special emphasis is placed on increasing vocabulary and refining communication skills.


GERM 1011. Elementary German II is a continuation of GERM 1001 and is aimed to solidify the knowledge gained in GERM 1011. Same textbook is used as in GERM 1001! (2 sections)

GERM 2011. Intermediate German II is a continuation of GERM 2001 and it is geared towards furthering knowledge of both German language and culture. Emphasis is given to the development of oral and conversation skills.

GERM 3401.
German Fairy Tales is a course that explores the fascinating tradition of the German Fairy Tale.  It will examine the Märchen in its various forms - as a popular oral narrative and as a crafted literary tale - highlighting the innovative potential of the genre and its emergence as a literary convention.