If you have studied Spanish before coming to Mount Allison and have not yet done so, please log into http://moodle.mta.ca/ and complete the Spanish Placement Test.

The following courses will be offered during the 2018-2019 academic year:


SPAN 1101 (4 Sections)Introduction to Spanish I
SPAN 2101—Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2991 Indigeneity in the Americas
SPAN 3101—Advanced Spanish I


SPAN 1101 —Introduction to Spanish I

SPAN 1111 (2 Sections)—Introduction to Spanish II
SPAN 1801—Spain: A Mosaic of Cultures
SPAN 2111—Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 3111—Advanced Spanish II
SPAN 3311—The Spanish-American Novel
SPAN 4201—Visual Culture