Strasbourg 2019-20


The Strasbourg Program offers students the opportunity to spend a semester or year of study at the Université de Strasbourg. Students may earn up to 36 credits in French Language, Culture, Literature, History, Political Science/International Relations, Art History, Philosophy, Linguistics, and English. These credits may be applied to the Major, the Minor, and the Honours programs.


For further information, students should consult the Strasbourg Study Abroad Program Director:   

Dr. Christina Ionescu (
Department of Modern Languages & Literatures
Mount Allison University, Crabtree Building 323


Applications for 2019-2020 are due on January 15, 2019.

Late applications may be accepted if there are available spots.



Mount Allison University Study Abroad Strasbourg Program   


The program is offered at the Institut International d'Études Françaises (IIEF) at the Université de Strasbourg, France. The program consists of courses in French language, plus electives in such subjects as History, Art History, Linguistics, Political Science, Literature, and French and Francophone Culture.

Mount Allison is allocated fifteen places in the program. The number of places may be increased by agreement with the Institut International. There are full-year or one-semester options available.


A student must have successfully completed at least one year of full-time study at Mount Allison University, or be admissible to Mount Allison University as a transfer student from another university.

Priority is given to undergraduates in good standing who wish to spend a year of undergraduate study at Strasbourg, and who will be returning to Mount Allison to complete their Bachelor's degree. Graduates may be accepted if space is available.

"Good standing" is determined on the basis of year-end results in the spring preceding the year of study in Strasbourg.

In addition, students must have an overall average of at least C+ (G.P.A. 2.3) in the spring preceding the year of study in France.

Students hoping to be placed in a program level which allows granting of thirty equivalent Mount Allison credits from the IIEF (see section IV below) should normally have at least C+ at the 2401/2501 level, or equivalent.


Students pay Mount Allison tuition fees and are registered as full-time Mount Allison students. They are also registered as full-time students in the Institut International and the Université de Strasbourg itself; they are therefore eligible to enroll in courses at the Université de Strasbourg and to use student services (e.g. university restaurants, sports facilities, and the student travel service) on the same basis as French students. Tuition fees paid are committed to the program; they are non-refundable and may not be applied to on-campus study at Mount Allison during the academic year for which the student has registered in Strasbourg. Students enrolled in the program are registered Mount Allison students, and therefore REMAIN SUBJECT TO CALENDAR REGULATIONS IN EFFECT AT MOUNT ALLISON. 


The language program comprises SIX levels, from beginner to advanced:







For successful completion of any of these levels, a diploma is awarded by the Institut.

Students who have successfully completed FREN 2401/2501 will normally be placed at B2 or C1 levels.

In addition to the language program requirements, students are expected to complete optional courses. Current option courses include: "Les relations internationales," "La gastronomie française," "Le rire et l'humour," "Le français des sciences," and "Le monde du travail." 

Students interested in obtaining transfer credits in International Relations/ Political Science will find a number of options in this field (e.g. "Institutions politiques," "Institutions européennes," and "Relations internationales"). Additional options taught in English are offered in the Département d'Études Anglophones.



All students will take a placement test in Strasbourg a week before the term begins. Test results will determine the program level at which they are placed. On successful year-end completion of the Diplôme Supérieur examinations plus option courses as specified above, students will be awarded thirty credits at the 2000/3000 level by Mount Allison. Credits are recorded on the Mount Allison transcript in the same way as transfer credits: they are designated as CR, with no indication of mark received.

Students who successfully complete the B1/B2 (intermediate) examinations plus option courses will be granted thirty transfer credits at the 3000 level provided that the overall standing on the examinations is "Assez Bien."

Additonnal courses completed outside of the Institut will be transferred as determined by the Director of the Strasbourg Program in consultation with other Program Advisors at Mount Allison University.



Currently, 6 places are reserved in a university-affiliated residence for Mount Allison students. A number of additional spaces are available in an all-female residence plus a number of other spaces in a private mixed residence.


University fees:

Mount Allison tuition fees for the current academic year plus annual student fee.

Housing: in residence: housing in the university-affiliated residence is the least expensive: $280.00 per month in university residences, and about $480.00 in non-university residences.

Note: Housing rebates are available to students, and vary according to the official rent charged for accommodation. These rebates will lower the cost of accommodation.

Food: In university restaurants, lunch and dinner cost approximately $4.00 per meal. There is no fixed meal plan; students can pay as they go. Students cooking for themselves should expect to spend about $75.00 per week on food. (All students can use university restaurants, whether or not they live in residence.)

Airfare: Costs vary depending on point of departure and type of ticket, but an open-return ticket, valid for one year, will cost approximately $1200 - $1300.

Airline regulations regarding availability of certain types of tickets are subject to change without notice, as are prices; a reliable travel agent is the best source of information.

Supplementary medical insurance: Blue Cross insurance or the student insurance recommended by the International Centre are recommended. Otherwise, French authorities require that additional coverage be purchased in France, (currently, the expected cost is 215 euros).

The above costs are unavoidable; other expenses will vary according to your resources, spending habits, and vacation travel plans. You should expect a Strasbourg year to cost roughly as much as a year at Mount Allison. Costs are affected by current exchange rates (value of the Canadian dollar against the Euro.)





1) an internal MLL form (once filled out, it should be emailed to

2) a study abroad application form (link to Application Process)


Additional application formalities will be requested by Student Services; information will be provided in due course.

Students from other universities will have to transfer to Mount Allison for one year in order to participate in the program.

A current unofficial transcript will be reviewed as part of the application process. Students do not need to supply an official transcript.

Each applicant will be interviewed by the Director as part of the application process. Interviews will be scheduled as soon as the internal MLL form is submitted, but candidates might have to wait until the official study abroad deadline has passed to be informed of the Director's decision.

At the discretion of the Director, applicants hoping to earn thirty equivalent Mount Allison credits may be asked to write a test evaluating their proficiency in French. THIS TEST DOES NOT REPLACE OR DUPLICATE THE PLACEMENT TESTS ADMINISTERED AT THE START OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR IN STRASBOURG, which are obligatory for all students entering the Institut.

In the event that there are more applications than spaces available, acceptance will be based on the following criteria:

1) eligibility and priority as indicated in section II.

2) ranking according to academic standing at the time of application, and date of submission of application.
Note that deadlines for payment of deposits may vary from those announced in the current university calendar for on-campus students. Strasbourg students will pay both the returning student deposit and a residence deposit. Deposit dates and the schedule of payments will be determined in the context of the schedule of payments required by Mount Allison agreements with both the Institut and residences in Strasbourg.

Deadline for Applications: January 15, 2019 


Admission to the program is at the discretion of the Director, and if needed, in consultation with the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures.


Notification of acceptance will be made as soon as possible after interviews.
Please note that ALL acceptances are conditional pending year-end marks.



Les produits d'Alsace 


Program Director: Dr. Christina Ionescu (; office: Hart Hall 416; telephone:364-2487
Secretary:; office: Crabtree 310; telephone: 364-2478