All Music Courses
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Music Courses for non-majors
Several Music courses are intended or available for students studying for other degrees. These include:

  • MUSC 1001 and 1011 (Fundamentals of Music I and II, courses in basic music theory and aural skills which require no previous background in music)
  • MUSC 2001 (Introduction to Music, which considers the art of listening to music through historical and analytical lenses)
  • MUSC 2011 (Survey of Western Music, an introduction to the history of music in the Western world)
  • MUSC 2021 (World Music, an introduction to music of non-Western cultures)
  • MUSC 3001 (Introduction to Music in Canada).

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Some other elective courses may also be suitable for non-Music majors: please contact the Department for further information. We also invite all university students to audition for our ensembles (which are credited courses) and to attend our many concerts and recitals.