Bachelor of Music

The Bachelor of Music program includes four years of weekly private lessons on your chosen instrument or voice, combined with academic studies in music and non-music courses. This program allows you much freedom to put emphasis on performance, music education, composition, music history, or music theory. The B.Mus. degree is suitable for those who contemplate any professional career in music, including teaching, performance, musicology, music therapy, arts administration, recording, broadcasting, music librarianship, and music journalism. An audition is required.

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Bachelor of Arts (Major and Honours in Music)

Our B.A. programs balance music study with courses in other disciplines. The B.A. emphasizes the academic aspects of music and are designed for students who wish to combine their study of music with more non-music courses than are available in the B.Mus. curriculum. Private lessons are not available in the B.A. Major and Honours programs. 

Bachelor of Arts (Minor in Music)

The Minor in Music is a disciplinary Minor taken by students pursuing a Major or Honours program in another degree, or as part of a program with three Minors. It consists of a selection of core and elective music courses. A Minor in Music is available to students in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Commerce, and Bachelor of Fine Arts programs. Private lessons are not available in the Minor in Music program.

We also welcome non-Music students to enroll in individual courses and to audition for our large ensembles.