Course number: MUSC 1639-4639
Credit: 1 credit, full year
Rehearsal time: Monday and Wednesday, 6-7:30 p.m
Location: MYB Conservatory Rm. 004 [Band Room]

The Mount Allison Symphonic Band performs a wide variety of challenging works from the wonderful repertoire for full band, and also includes works from the long tradition of large chamber and serenade literature. Participation is encouraged from any Mount Allison student, and from community members who demonstrate a high level of musicianship and commitment. Symphonic Band is a great way to continue the use and refinement of your musical and intellectual skills in an upbeat atmosphere that brings together people from many disciplines in the spirit of liberal arts and the pursuit of excellence. The Symphonic Band is directed by Prof. James Kalyn.

For Fall 2020 the Symphonic Band will have a different feel, as we face the current challenges by seizing new opportunities. Live rehearsals in small groups for chamber music and sectionals, totalling about 90 minutes per week, will be complemented with online activities that develop crucial ancillary ensemble skills. Deep listening exercises, sectional practice, audio and video recording, playing with pre-recorded tracks, repertoire research, score study and analysis, ensemble chat and blogging will take the other 90 minutes per week normally devoted to full ensemble rehearsal. 

NOTE: Faculty have been in constant contact with directors across North America, and will be following the most current guidelines and protocol for safe music making.

Auditions and start-up

First Symphonic Band meeting will be Wednesday, Sept. 9, 6:00 pm. All personnel interested in Symphonic Band are asked to be outside the front of the Conservatory, with instruments ready to play, at 6 pm. Have your masks too.

Auditions will be streamlined this year. Returning band members are encouraged to submit an audio or video recording via Moodle. New students and community players can submit a video recording or audition live. Recordings for new members can be sent directly to Prof. Kalyn at ( NOTE: recordings are now due by September 11. Details and materials below.

Audition Materials

1. A scale. All scales are to be performed at a full mf, quarter notes at quarter=92. Two octaves where possible. Once up and down slurred. Once up and down tongued. All keys given in transposed pitch (ex. Clarinet Bb scale means start on your Bb)
Flute- Ab, Oboe- Eb, Clarinet- Bb, Bassoon- Eb, saxophone- Eb, Trumpet- Bb, Horn- F, Trombone- F, Euphonium- Eb, Tuba- Bb. Mallet percussion- Bb

2. Excerpt. Below are excerpts from Steampunk Suite, by Erika Svanoe. Play the parts of the music indicated for your instrument.

Piccolo: Mvt. 1 complete (skip long rests)

Flute: Mvt. 1, mm. 1-96

Oboe: Mvt. 1, page 1

Clarinet: Mvt. 1, page 1

Bass clarinet: Mvt. 1 complete (skip long rests)

Bassoon: Mvt. 1 complete (skip long rests)

Alto saxophone: Mvt. 1, mm. 1-57; Mvt. 2, mm. 1-24

Tenor saxophone: Mvt. 1, page 1

Trumpet: Mvt. 1, pages 1-2

Horn: Mvt. II complete, either Horn 1 or 2

Trombone: Mvt. 1 complete (skip long rests)

Bass trombone: Mvt. 1 complete (skip long rests)

Euphonium: Mvt. 1, pages 1-2

Tuba: Mvt. 1, mm. 1-34, 112-137; Mvt. 3, mm. 32-108

Percussion - Snare: 1) Mvt. 1 mm. 1-96 (snare); Mallet: 2)Mvt. II, mm. 97-128, 197-end

2014 Symphonic Band