4th year student presents summer research at Vanderbilt University
Juan Facundo was the only undergraduate student to present at the conference, showing the links between different figures and ideas in the history of philosophy. His presentation was based on his summer research project, supported through Mount Allison’s Independent Student Research Grant program and supervised by philosophy professor Dr. Robbie Moser.
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Philosophy student creates podcast on faith and philosophy

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Amy Ward



  Arts Gala 2018 ~ Congratulations to the award winners!

PHIL Arts Gala F18

(from L to R):
Dr. Roopen Majithia, Hudson Biko, Justin Yoston, Isaac Doucette, Amy Ward, Jessica Landry, Madeleine Léger, Jack Hadley, Shiming Huang, Dr. Robbie Moser
(absent awardees: Catherine Turnbull, Juan Facundo, Sam MacPhee)


 What makes an environmentally-friendly funeral?


Student Hanna Longard's summer research project is profiled on Mta.ca. Read more here.



 Philosophy students awarded summer research grants

Three Philosophy students are looking forward to spending the summer working on a research topic of their choice. Third year students, Madeleine Leger, Hanna Longard and Catherine Turnbull each received funding through the Independent Summer Research Grant program to implement their own project, under supervision of a faculty member.


 Madeleine Leger speaks passionately about her proposed research on the philosophy of language. She will be investigating how the ideas of the late British philosopher, J.L. Austin, could be harmonized with modern feminist philosophy. Later this summer, she will travel to Oxford's Bodleian Library in England as part of her research.



 When Catherine Turnbull took a philosophy class in her first year she realized that she “thrived in an environment where I can dig really deep and layer the questions.” Inspired by feminist scholar Sarah Ahmed’s criticisms of contemporary feminism, Catherine is investigating whether post-constructionist feminist philosophers do an adequate job of citing authors from a wide variety of backgrounds.

 Also, congratulations to Catherine for recently winning the 2018 CDSA-ACEH Student Paper Award competition for her work “Suggestions for a Cripistemology of Pain and Gender: Bolstering Feminist Analysis of Pain Experiences through a Pain-Centric Model.”



 Hanna Longard combines her interests in biology and philosophy to engage the community in conversations about green death care. She is asking the question, “when our bodies die, do they harm or help the earth?” Hanna will be interviewing funeral directors, palliative care workers and other community members to build a picture of their attitudes towards environmentally-friendly death care practices.





Health care's problem solver

Mary Jane Dykeman knew from an early age that she wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and practise law. But it wasn't until she met the late Dr. Ross Stanway, a professor of philosophy at Mount Allison, that her path became clear. Read more in the Record.