Thekla reliquary small2Ebbutt Trust Scholarships

Typically, a number of scholarships are offered each year under the terms of the Ebbutt Memorial Trust which was established by the late Dr. Arthur J. Ebbutt in memory of his wife, Helen MacNaughton Ebbutt. Dr. Ebbutt taught at Mount Allison from 1947 to 1971, serving as Dean of Arts from 1954 to 1963: he was the founder and first Head of the Department of Religious Studies. Under the terms of the Trust, one of its purposes is "the provision of a scholarship or scholarships for students in Religious Studies, with a preference for those taking an Area of Concentration in Religious Studies."

The Scholarships are open to students who are taking courses in Religious Studies and who intend to take further courses in the Department (except for those in final year of study). Preference will be given to students taking an Honours Program or a Major or Minor in Religious Studies. Past performance in Religious Studies courses will be considered. The criteria for determining which students are of scholarship standard will be those normally accepted at Mount Allison. A condition of receiving a scholarship is that students must take at least six credits in Religious Studies in the academic year during which they receive the scholarship. The Scholarships are awarded by the Mount Allison Scholarship and Bursary Committee on recommendation from the Department of Religious Studies.

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The Nelson-Littlejohns Award in Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

 Call for Student Proposals

The Nelson-Littlejohns Award is intended for a student or students enrolled in second or third year of studies within the departments of Philosophy or Religious Studies at Mount Allison University. The Award will be used to support experiential learning and used to pay for activities such as travel costs to deliver a conference paper or take part in a workshop or other initiatives.

To apply please submit a one-page proposal describing your project idea, including your name and year-of-standing (and the same for any co-applicants), and a short projected budget. Applications may be submitted to Angela Thibodeau, room 112 Hart Hall.

Deadline has passed.