Religious Studies Programs

The Ebbutt Reading RoomA program advisor meets with current and potential students to explain different course options. The program advisor for Religious Studies is Dr. Fiona Black.

Courses in Religious Studies are divided into three streams:

  1. Eastern Traditions (Hinduism, Buddhism, East Asian Religions),
  2. Western Traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), and
  3. Religion and Culture.

Introductory courses (at 1000 and 2000 level) lay the foundation for focused study of particular traditions and for courses that explore how religion relates to themes in the wider culture – such as in the arts, gender issues, and ethics (at 3000 and 4000 level). Detailed information about program requirements and course prerequisites can be found in the academic calendar.

An honours program is available in Religious Studies. The program is an opportunity to do a sustained and in-depth research project in an area of student interest while being supervised by a faculty member. This involves writing a thesis in the final year of study and is the equivalent of taking two 3-credit courses.

Eligible students in their third year of a Religious Studies major must meet the following criteria:

  • maintain an average GPA of 3.0
  • consult with the program advisor
  • consult with the supervising faculty member

In their third year, interested students should reflect on their studies to date and come up with their own idea for a project. They may choose from a broad range of possible subjects. Students should then approach their preferred faculty supervisor for guidance. A written proposal is due at the end of the winter term of the third year. Research might begin as early as the summer before fourth year.