What can I do with a Women's and Gender Studies Minor?

The quick answer is well, anything! The Women's and Gender Studies program at Mount Allison University provides students with the foundation and the tools to pursue practically everything, such as:

  • graduate school
  • teaching
  • criminal justice
  • health care
  • law
  • librarianship
  • police work
  • social work
  • therapy
  • journalismcareer counseling
  • international aid work
  • human resources
  • banking
  • researcher

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    As Kelly Brennan (‘08) remarked:

    "…my university education came from my women's studies courses simply because the interdisciplinary nature of the program is so diverse and because the subject matter is so eye opening. My life is forever changed from the things I have learned in my women's studies classes, which will shape the way I look at myself, my career choices, and my future plans. Women's studies led me to a summer job at a women's resource centre, which then directed me towards a career in social work. Women's studies has also made me strong enough to call myself a feminist."

    A few things some Mount Allison Women’s Studies students have done following graduation:

  • Masters in Social Work, University of British Columbia, Okanagan
  • Masters in English Literature (young adult fantasy), University of Victoria (SSHRC-funded)
  • Law School, Dalhousie UniversityLondon Contemporary Dance School, U.K.
  • Masters in Art Therapy, Concordia University
  • Masters in Political Science, York University, TO
  • Masters in Disability Studies, York University, TO
  • Parliamentary Internship, Ottawa
  • Personal Assistant to Senator Roméo A. Dallaire
  • Bachelor of Education in Outdoor Education, Queen’s University, Kingston
  • Teaching in Nunavut
  • Teaching in Seoul, South Korea
  • Masters in Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University (with full scholarship)
  • Coordinator of the Feminist Research Group, University of Windsor
  • Masters in Gender Studies, London School of Economics, U.K.

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