Luke Poirier
Laboratory instructor

Luke Poirier

Luke is a PhD Candidate at UPEI (Department of Biology) studying the impact of invasive species on commercially important aquaculture. Specifically, he is attempting to develop marketable products for the European Green crab to induce a two-fold benefit: a reduction in population numbers and a tangible economic benefit to affected fishermen. He works closely with local stakeholders to enhance local shellfish stocks, improve value-added products, and to advance soft-shell crab product development and marketing. Ancillary projects include predation on shellfish estimates, shellfish bed health assessments, and Green crab population estimates. 

In the past Luke has researched the American eel, specifically studying their distribution in saline waters of North America using GIS techniques. This work contributed to the current understanding of the distribution, abundance and population trends for the species, along with recovery targets and timeframes.


BSc ’11 UPEI
MSc’ 13 Acadia  

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