Magi Beaton
Magi Beaton
Academic History
B.Sc  University of Guelph   
M.Sc.  University of Windsor     
Ph.D.  University of Guelph   
Research Interests
• Evolutionary and developmental biology    
• Population genetics   
• Bioinformatic and genomics   


Representative Publications

Douglas S. , S. Zauner, M. Fraunholz, M. Beaton, S. Penny, L.-T. Deng, X. Wu, M. Reith, T. Cavalier-Smith & U.-G Maier. 2001. The highly reduced genome of an enslaved algal nucleus. Nature 410:1091-1096      

Zauner, S., M. Fraunholz, J. Wastl, S. Penny, M. Beaton, T. Cavalier-Smith, U.-G. Maier, & S. Douglas. 2000. Chloroplast protein and centrosomal genes, a tRNA intron, and odd telomeres in an unusually compact eukaryotic genome, the cryptomonad nucleomorph. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 97(1):200-205      

Beaton, M. J. & T. Cavalier-Smith. 1999. Eukaryotic non-coding DNA is functional: evidence from the differential scaling of cryptomonad genomes. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B. 266:2053-2059     

Contact information

(506) 364-

Flemington Rm. 204