What is a teaching assistant?
A teaching assistant is someone who assists a lab instructor with the running of lab. The duties of a teaching assistant can include (but are not limited to) lab set-up and tear-down, answering student questions, and marking assignments. Teaching assistants must also review lab/course material before coming to lab to ensure they are prepared for lab. Any questions regarding lab material should be brought to the lab instructors attention before lab begins.

How do I become a teaching assistant?
To become a teaching assistant you must have taken the course for which you’d like to assist. You must also have taken an online WHMIS course (offered through Moodle) and a TA training course offered by the Biology department at the end of each semester. Please fill out the application form and email it to biologyta@mta.ca 
Please put the course number of the course you'd like to TA in the subject line of your email! 

When do I apply to be a teaching assistant?

You should apply at the end of each semester (November or April, if possible). It is also good to inform the lab instructors of your interest for an upcoming semester or year.

What are the benefits to being a teaching assistant?
As a teaching assistant you will learn additional course material and strengthen your knowledge of course topics. Teaching assistantships are also paid positions. The pay is slightly above minimum wage and is determined by your experience as a TA, so if you've been a great TA in the past you may be looking at a raise! These positions also look great on a resume and allow you to work on skills you may otherwise not, such as interpersonal skills, grading and marking assignments and on-the-spot critical thinking. You will also develop a strong working relationship with the lab instructor, which can lead to great reference letters when applying for grad or professional schools.