David1Graduate students at Mount Allison are typically supported financially by stipends, with $15,000 per year the current usual base stipend for full time graduate studies. Incoming students should discuss stipend and scholarship opportunities with their supervisor in advance of commencing their studies.  

Scholarships and stipends are awarded to the student from external sources (e.g. NSERC, NBIF) or can be derived from research funding to faculty. Teaching assistantships are sometimes available as well. 

At the time of admission the supervisor must provide the student and the graduate studies committee with a letter detailing the amount, duration, and source(s) of stipend support to the student. 


For details, please check out graduate studies scholarships.


Robert L. Rice Memorial Graduate Fellowships 

Robert L. Rice Memorial Graduate Fellowships are available to students completing graduate work in the fields of chemistry or biochemistry as indicated upon their application (Form GSA1). These scholarships are valued at approximately $6000 and are granted for one year (September to August). Given strong performance, the recipient may apply for one additional year. Review of applications will be made by the GSC in September of each year.