Registering for Calculus?

 Differences in the courses and what you need to know.


 The information provided below should help you choose the appropriate course.


Choose MATH 1111 – Calculus I if you:

- are pursuing a major or minor in: biochemistry, chemistry, computer science, economics, mathematics, or physics

- have excellent algebraic and pencil-and-paper skills

- are planning on taking Calculus II (Math 1121)


Choose MATH 1151 – Applied Calculus if you:

- are pursuing a path in: psychology, biology, geography and environment, or commerce

- are looking for a more conceptual math course which is more focused on applications

- want more time spent on demonstrating how calculus can be used to solve applied problems


Keep in mind – neither is going to be the “easy” option!

Each course will simply have a different focus, giving you a foundation for your continued studies.



Your choice will depend on your plans for future courses.

When in doubt, always refer back to the Academic Calendar for more information.

Your chosen Major and Minor programs will have all of the requirements listed.

For more information visit the academic calendar.