Geocomputing is an exciting new interdisciplinary B.A. program being offered at Mount Allison.
Geocomputing is a joint major B.A. program that will give students expertise to study and understand spatial dimensions of social and environmental problems.  It is an applied program that combines theory and practice of computing and geography, and offers students a new way to look at the world.  
Interest in computer science has increased in recent years, with many students hoping to use their computer science skills to enhance another area in which they are interested.  Geocomputing offers students a unique way to combine geographical and environmental skills with training in computer science.  
B.A. (Joint Major) Geocomputing is 90 credits earned as follows:
30        from COMP 1631, 1731, 2211, 2611, 2631, 2931, 3611, 3721, 3811, 3851
6          from COMP at the 3/4000 level, chosen in consultation with the CS Program Advisor
9          from MATH 1111*, 1121, 2221
6          from GENV 1201, GENS 1401
6          from GENV 2001, 2101, 3201
9          from GENS 2431, 2441, 4721
3          from GENS 3401, GENV 3701
18        from GENV or GENS, of which at least 9 credits must be at a 3/4000-level (GENV 3211, 3511 recommended)
3          from GENS 4951, with topic chosen in consultation with the CS and GENS Program Advisors.  
GENS 4951 will include a capstone project intended to integrate both fields (computer science and geography) and demonstrate an understanding of the synthesis between them.  

*Math 1151 can be used in place of Math 1111.  
Have more questions about Geocomputing?  Contact an academic advisor,  your program advisor, or the Math/CS department.