Mobile Computer Lab

The mobile lab contains 24 laptop computers, each with the following 
list of software:
     Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6
     0xED v1.1.4
     ActiveTCL 8.6.7
     Apple's X11 Server XQuartz v2.7.11
     Apple Xcode (all components) v9.2
     Eclipse: Oxygen v4.7 and Neon v4.6
     Firefox v52.esr
     Flash Player
     Java JDK 8
     MacTeX 2017
     Maple v17
     Netlogo v6.0.2
     OpenGL v7.2
     Python v2.7.14 and v3.6.4
     R v3.4.3
     Scratch 2
     ...and all the standard software included with Mac OS.
For additional software requests, contact Kristian Strickland.
To book the mobile lab, please email