Studying Physics at Mount Allison

Distinguishing features of physics at Mount Allison include a challenging and innovative curriculum taught within a supportive, personal atmosphere.  Many of our courses, including the first year courses, are taught using an experiential physics approach (learn physics by experiencing physics.) In these courses you will spend most of your time in collaborative student groups, discovering and applying physics directly in a hands-on and minds-on fashion.


Courses and Programs Offered

 We offer major and honours programs in physics, as well as a combined honours in mathematics and physics, and minors in both physics and astronomy. Please consult the calendar for a list of courses and their descriptions, as well as program requirements. Note that while all courses specifically required on degree programs are offered every year, elective courses usually are offered once every second year. Click here to go to the Physics portion of the Academic Calendar. 

One feature of our department is that many courses, including Physics 1041 and 1051, are taught by an experiential physics approach, which means you learn physics through collaborative, experiential learning activities.
You can check out a recommended course sequence on the flow and outline charts below. Please email any potential conflicts/comments you may have to physics [at]


 Course Flow Charts

  Physics Major 

  Physics/Math Honours  

  Physics Honours

   Physics Minors

    Course Outline Chart



 Student Leadership Development Opportunities:

 We offer excellent opportunities for student leadership development, including teaching assistant positions (we hire about 25 students per year). Student who have performed well in at least two different teaching assistant positions, have completed at least one workshop on teaching, and who have taught a topic in a whole class setting (about 20 minutes in length) will receive a Teaching Assistant Certificate upon graduation.   If interested in the teaching assistant certificate please contact Cathy Pettipas. In addition to teaching assistant positions, you will find many other opportunities for development of communication and leadership skills. On campus the Leadership Mount Allison and Purdy Crawford Teaching Centre provide support and opportunities for student leadership development.