Physics Student Teaching Assistant

Job Application for Winter 2019

Application Deadline was Dec 1st, 2018.

Check back in July for Fall term jobs.




Full name:

Student ID:

Mt A e-mail:

Phone number (home, cell, etc.):


TA jobs: (Slots marked as * have fewer hours and may be combined.)

  • Physics 1041: Physics for Life Science
        Monday and Wednesday12:30-1:30 pm (Job code LS1)
         Friday noon-1:30pm (Job code LS2*)  
        Assignment Marker (Job code LSM)
  • Physics 1401: Physics of Music     
        Thurs 10-11:30am (A1)
  •  Physics 1551: General Physics II (aka Intro2) 
       Monday 3:00-5:30 pm TA (Job code B1)
       Wednesday 3:00-5:30 pm TA (Job code B2)
       Tuesday and Thursday 9-10 am TA (Job code B3)
       Tuesday and Thursday noon-1 pm TA (Job code B4)
       Assignment Markers   (Req. Experience and/or higher GPA (3.6+)) (Job code B5)
          (Assignments are marked on the weekend and returned Monday)
       Equipment Assistance/Float TBA (Job code B6*) 
       Overflow Activity Marker/Float TBA  (Job code B7*)
  •   Physics Evening Help Center Tutor: Intro (Experience and GPA 3.2+)  
         Tuesday  7-9 pm (Job code C1*) or
         Wednesday 7-9 pm (Job Code C2*)
  • Physics 3021: Life in the Universe  (tentative subject to enrollment)
        Tuesday 4-5:30pm (Job code D1*)
  • Physics 3751: Energy Prod & the Environment (tentative subject to enrollment)
        Fridays 2:30-5:30pm (Job code E1)
  •   Physics 3811: Modern Physics  (tentative subject to enrollment)
        Monday 2:30-5:30pm TA ( Job code F1)   

List jobs you are applying for in order of preference by code:

(i.e. E1, LS2*+C1*, then B1  etc.) 



What is your academic program? (i.e. 2nd year physics major):

List all physics courses completed with a grade of B- or above:

  Which physics courses are you registered in this term?

  List previous teaching experience including Physics TA jobs.

  List any other special training or certificates relevant to your application, such as First aid, Physics TA talk (by Dr Collette), Varma Scholar or WHMIS.


Are you doing the Physics TA Certificate Program? (see the Student information page for details.)


The minimum requirements to work as a Physics TA are: 

  • MTA good academic standing
  • Registration in at least one MTA course this term
  • CUM GPA of 2.7 or higher with a grade of at least B- in any course you TA
  • Canadian SIN number (prior to starting work)

Do you meet all 4 of these requirements? (If no, email cpettipas to ask about exceptions.)



Hours for a Physics TA typically vary from 32 to 40 per term. If 25 hours per term or less are expected a * indicates reduced work load. Combining two * jobs is possible.

Most jobs are a combination of lab time and marking unless indicated. Marked labs are returned with a week but assignments must be in sooner.
Marking and Help Center jobs are more independent so higher a GPA and experience is normally required. 


Job offers are schedule specific so email cpettipas if you discover a conflict after you have applied.


It is highly recommended that you register for all required classes on Connect before applying. Email cpettipas for any questions related to your job application.



  (An acknowledgement screen should confirm if the form was sent.)