Looking for information about the Physics Department?

 Check the list below! If your questions still remain unanswered, you can request information from physics@mta.ca, or you can ask one of our Faculty.


Program Advisors
 A program advisor provides information and advice on your selection of courses and degree requirements. The program advisor for physics is currently

 Ralf Brüning.


Physics Help Center 

Information available Here.

Teaching Assistants
Need information about applying to be a teaching assistant, or what is involved in being a teaching assistant? Please contact Cathy Pettipas. If you want to apply, use the link to the right.

Undergraduate Research

Interested in participating in undergraduate research during the summer? You should directly contact faculty members in the department who work in research areas of interest to you, and to inquire about positions available. Priority is given to students between their third and fourth year of study, although positions may be available to other students. Students with a gpa of 3.5 and above can apply for university (NSERC funded or other) summer research awards. Sometimes faculty members are able to fund summer research opportunities for students who do not win awards through faculty research grants.


Deadline for 2017 applications is December 7th.


Click HERE for application form.


Click on Faculty name for more information about their research:


Dr. Mohammad Ahmady

Dr. David Fleming

Dr. Khashayar Ghandi

Dr. David Hornidge

Dr. Catherine Lovekin


Graduate Studies Advisor
For advice and information on applying to graduate school, graduate scholarships, the GRE, etc., please contact David Fleming.


Pravin Varma Teaching Internship Award
For information on applying for this award click here.


Teaching Assistant Certificate Program  

 This certificate is awarded to physics teaching assistants who complete these 4 key criteria.

  1. Training Course: Attending at least one Physics teaching assistant training talk.
  2. Employment/Practice: Successful completion of two or more terms of employment as a Mount Allison Physics Teaching Assistant (excludes marker only and setup only positions.)
  3. Presentation: Design and teach a short university in-class lecture of 15 to 20 minutes in consultation with faculty. This may be requested specifically for the certificate or as part of a Physics internship but can not be for course credit. (Teaching materials must be provided to faculty for approval 24 hours in advance.) 
  4. Complete the  application form  and have each component verified by their supervising faculty or staff. Return it to the physics office by March 15th of your graduating year to apply.

Students are encouraged to include all Physics teaching assistant positions and teaching on their form as it adds to teaching profile. The form is retained in departmental files for reference purpose

Seminar Coordinator
Each year the department has a series of seminar speakers to talk about various aspects of physics research and the professional activities of physicists in society. Mohammed Ahmady is the seminar coordinator. If you have suggestions for seminar speakers, or want to coordinate a day for a student lead seminar, please see him.

Applying for Honours
University regulations require that you apply for honours by December of your third year. The application is available on the web and is returned to Student Services. In order to apply for honours your current cumulative gpa must be at the minimum standard required for honours (see detail in university calendar). You must also arrange for a supervisor. You should talk to potential faculty supervisors in research area(s) of interest to you.


Science Atlantic Representative
Science Atlantic (formerly APICS) is the organization which, among other activities, helps to organize the annual AUPAC student conference and organizes a lecture tour. The Mount Allison representative on the Physics Committee of Science Atlantic is David Hornidge.

Friend of the CAP
The Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) is the national organization for physicists and physics students. The CAP appoint one person at each department as a "friend of the CAP" to act as a liaison. David Hornidge fills this role at Mount Allison.


Physics Library Representative
Wish to make a suggestion for new books on physics for the Mount Allison library? The Physics Department library representative is Catherine Lovekin. The librarian with responsibilities for physics is Marc Truitt, who can help you with library reference questions.

Teaching Assistant Pay

Think there is an error in the pay you received for TA work in the department? Please see the Physics Administrative Assistant to check into this or anything else related to your TA hours and pay.

Physics Lab Equipment
Cathy Pettipas is in charge of the teaching labs in the department. Please see her if you need specific equipment for a course project or department outreach activity.


Student Representatives
Each fall students elect representatives to the Physics Department. 2017/2018 representatives are:

First year - Sugee MacKay

Second year - Richard Michaud-Langis

Third year - Kalinda Dutta

Forth year - Jasmine Tompkins

Computing Questions
Generally these should be directed to the Computing Services Helpdesk (helpdesk@mta.ca or 364-2473).


Physics Senate Representative

Mohammad Ahmady is the Physics Department representative to Senate, and can provide information about changes in curriculum, regulations, etc. being proposed.

Physics Society
The Physics Society organizes academic and social events. Email: mtaphysicssociety@gmail.com


2017/2018 Executive

Stephen Bennett -President

Sara Ripley -Secretary

Maeve Wentland -Treasurer

Jasmin Tompkins - Media Manager


Other Representatives
Perimeter Institute Liasion - Mohammad Ahmady
Radiation Safety Officer - David Fleming
Physics Department Web Pages - Kellie Mattatall