Faculty & research interests
Dr. Robert Adlam
Associate Professor
Research on the Athapaskan Tahltan of northern British Columbia and Mi'kmaq of northern New Brunswick on their riverine salmon fisheries.
Tel. 364-2356 radlam@mta.ca

Dr. Patricia Kelly Spurles
Department Head/Associate Professor
Decision-making in breastfeeding; breastfeeding in Canada and Morocco; gender, ritual and space; henna practices; female and male life cycle rituals; gender and law in Muslim societies; Muslim minorities in the West; and gender and tourism.


Part-time Faculty

Professor Moira McLaughlin              
Forensic Anthropology 

Dr. Natalie Ward
Social representations, qualitative and mixed methods, health and health services, sociology of and in medicine, media studies. 
Introduction to Anthropology

Professors Emeriti

Marilyn Walker, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Ethnographic Research Areas in culture and ecology: Arctic and Subarctic; Mongolia, Siberia, Southeast Asia, Tibetan Bön, India, Atlantic Canada. Specializing in medical anthropology and ethnobotany.

Alison L. Estabrooks
Office Supervisor
Tel. 364-2326 aestabrooks@mta.ca      

Rebecca Leaman
Career Services Coordinator    
Tel. 364-2226   rleaman@mta.ca

Raine Phythian
Faculty of Social Sciences Coordinator
Tel. 364-3223  rphythia@mta.ca


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