The honours degree, either thesis-based or course-based, is required for graduate school. In the absence of this a student would need to complete a qualifying year.

Thesis-based option is:

  • For students thinking about graduate studies in anthropology as such studies usually also involve writing a thesis. Those students who have done an Honours thesis find it excellent preparation.
  • Gives students an opportunity to focus on a specific area or problem within anthropology. A student has the opportunity to design their own research project, to apply for internal funding, to undertake 'fieldwork', and to report on their findings. Not only is this beneficial for graduate studies, it is excellent training for the workplace as it develops independent, analytical, and critical thinking. It is also a benefit in positions where the knowledge and ability to design and undertake research is needed.

Graduates who completed the honours thesis option have pursued graduate studies in anthropology, in archaeology and classics, and in forensic archaeology.

Graduates who have completed the honours course-based option have pursued graduate work in museum studies.

Anthropology students considering an honours degree require a GPA of 3.0 or better. Eligibility to complete an honours program will depend on your academic performance at the end of third year.  See the details in the academic calendar, 10.10.4 for honours GPA and overall GPA requirements.

You must declare you intention to complete an honours degree by December of third year.  This can be done by completing the Declaration of Intention to Pursue Honours form.