Field school and internship opportunities in anthropology

Here's a selection of current field school opportunities. Inquire early as programs may fill up or be cancelled, depending on enrollment numbers. Mount Allison students will need the approval of the department for transfer credit - speak to the program advisor, Patricia Kelly Spurles (, before making your arrangements.

The American Anthropological Association has a list of field schools at this link:


Program features home stays with Maya families in Yucatan (Mexico). Student research may include topics such as indigenous politics, heritage & cultural property, gender & sexualities, tourism, globalization, urbanism & migration, Maya and alternative medical-healing systems, governmentalities & politics, cultural ecology & development, spiritualisms & religion, transculturation, alternative & peripheral modernities. Includes "Field Languages (Spanish & Maya) for Ethnographic Research" course. Information and application materials at

Circumpolar Ethnographic Field School and Archaeology Field School

The University of Northern British Columbia offers "two community-based field schools that provide intensive training and opportunities for students to expand their skills and knowledge. In both field schools participants are immersed in communities and landscapes that they may never otherwise experience. Usually a small group of 25 or less, the students develop lasting friendships and have a perfect opportunity to build team skills. Field schools can be intense and challenging but a memory not easily forgotten - a trip of a lifetime." Circumpolar Ethnographic Field School and the Archaeology Field School.