Our Mission

Our mission is to serve Mount Allison students through life altering connection, competence and confidence boosting experiences. The students involved will become a better version of themselves and will embrace knowledge sharing and collaboration with other students.


Why Business and Arts?

  • There are currently no explicitly designed opportunities on campus for arts and business students to work together and share ideas and knowledge.
  • Business and arts skills, when combined, can mean that great and innovative opportunities are less likely to slip through the cracks because of the mutual unfamiliarity between business and arts
  • Through its process, this session will deal with a natural tension, which could be a creative tension, between the pursuit of sustainability or profits, and an artist having freedom of artistic expression.
  • Through this session we can provide valuable insight and business knowledge to some of the many business students who lack a basic understanding of fundamental ideas and concepts within all of the different art areas.
  • We can give artists who attend this workshop ideas on one way to turn their passion into a financially viable and sustainable lifestyle (i.e. through understanding business).
  • Together, business and arts students will have the opportunity to learn from one another and build an appreciation for the other discipline.
  • Our students will benefit from being able apply their knowledge and skills to an unfamiliar field and it will help them broaden their understanding.
  • We will encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs and artrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.


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