Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies Internships

What is the Program?

Students can gain business experience by participating in a 12-16 week summer internship in the public or private sector.

How do students benefit?

  • Placements with a dynamic organization.
  • Seeing their classroom theories and techniques applied in real-world business situations.
  • Developing and enhancing their business skill sets.
  • Being better informed to make career decisions upon graduation.
  • Receiving valuable feedback from supervisors and colleagues within the partner organization.
  • Reflecting on and discussing their experiences with their faculty and student colleagues.
  • Providing leadership and guidance to their classmates.
  • Developing valuable networking relationships.
  • Being able to demonstrate their skills and capabilities to future employers, creating possible career opportunities.
  • Developing confidence through the successful application of their skills and abilities.

The process

This program is intended for 3rd year students with a GPA of 3.0 or better. Students in 2nd year may be considered if there are opportunities for placement.

  • Students submit a targeted cover letter and resume for each position they are interested in and an unofficial transcript (for internal use only).
  • Applications will then be forwarded to the organization.
  • The organizations will interview the student.

Timelines will vary depending on the internal process of the hiring organization. Watch for the first internship postings in early January 2018.

Important information

All Students are expected to complete Organizations 101, a preparatory course offered by Dr. Sandy MacIver, and participate in a reflection process throughout the summer.


For more information, contact the Career Services Co-ordinator at or 364-2226.