The Commerce Society hosts such events as the "Welcome Back BBQ", the end of the year Wine and Cheese Event, as well as an Annual Commerce Trip to visit businesses in a bigger city. The Commerce Society, in particular the executive, acts as a voice for commerce students by giving feedback to the Commerce faculty on the
department and the ComSocEventprogram, and extra-curriculars.

There are a number of ways for students to become involved at all levels of commitment. Whether it's helping to organize upcoming events or just enjoying the company of interested peers, the executive would love for you to be involved.

Become a Commerce Society Member and receive professional headshots, Commerce Society merchandise, free entry to social events, and priority to sign up for the Annual Commerce Trip!

Alumni and members of the business community are also encouraged to get in touch with us. For more information you can reach us at, join the Commerce Society Group on Facebook and follow us on Instragram!

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