Faculty & research interests

Dr. Niels Anthonisen 
Macroeconomics. (on sabbatical leave until July 2019)
Tel. 506-364-2327    nanthonisen@mta.ca

Dr. Craig Brett
Department Head/Professor
Economic models of optimal income taxation, fiscal federalism, municipal taxation, and environmental taxation; workfare; migration; econometrics.
Tel. 506-364-2532        cbrett@mta.ca

Dr. Samira Hasanzadeh,
Assistant Professor
Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Monetary Economics, Applied Econometrics​
Tel. 506-364-2326 shasanzadeh@mta.ca
Dr. Stephen Law
Regulatory policy, cable television economics, productivity growth in network industries, pharmaceutical markets, health policy, and nutrition economics.  (on sabbatical leave until July 2019)
Tel. 506-364-2355 slaw@mta.ca   
Dr. Frank Strain
Economic growth and development, labour economics, the Atlantic Canadian economy, fiscal federalism, and economic history.
Tel. 506-364-2284    fstrain@mta.ca
Dr. Carla VanBeselaere
Associate Professor
Survey research, public policy, and voting, including survey methodology, public opinion, voting behaviour, educational policy, and empirical methods/econometrics.
Tel. 506-364-2278        cvanbese@mta.ca


Part-time Faculty

Dr. Alan Chan
Political Economy, Game Theory, Applied Microeconomics​


Alison L. Estabrooks
Office Supervisor
Tel. 364-2326 aestabrooks@mta.ca
Charline Kelly
Administrative Assistant
Tel. 364-2204 chkelly@mta.ca
Rebecca Leaman
Career Services Coordinator    
Tel. 364-2226   rleaman@mta.ca
Raine Phythian
Faculty of Social Sciences Coordinator
Tel. 364-3223  rphythia@mta.ca

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