If you plan to go to graduate school or complete a professional program, you should consider doing honours.

If you plan to pursue graduate studies in Economics:

  • Take Economics 4700, 4801, 4811, 4821 and
  • Calculus, and Linear Algebra (Mathematics 2221) from the Mathematics Department. Other courses in Mathematics are also valuable.

Seek advice from a member of the Department of Economics when deciding on a program of study.

Honours in Economics can be done as a:

Joint Honours can be done in:

Students intending to do honours need to contact the head of Economics. The Registrar also requires that students declare their intention to do Honours by completing the Declaration of Intention to Pursue Honours form by December in year three of the their program.

Eligibility to complete the program will depend on your academic performance at the end of third year. Students need a minimum CGPA of approximately 3.0 on all course work in the prescribed Honours program and an Overall GPA of approximately 3.0 or higher on all courses undertaken beyond first-year. See details in the academic calendar, 10.10.4 for Honours.