Mount Allison’s Faculty of Social Sciences approaches the study of people, culture, and society from a scientific point of view.

social sciences mount allisonCareful research backs up each conclusion — a perfect marriage of Arts and Science.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is home to some of the most dynamic and enthusiastic faculty in the country. Their focus is on providing the best possible learning experience for their students.

Experiential learning opportunities abound:

  • from researching issues being faced in today's world
  • from dating historic objects using tree rings to developing environmental policy recommendations
  • from working with an entrepreneur to prepare a business plan for venture capitalists to taking part in a simulated federal-provincial conference

Social Sciences faculty are committed to finding new approaches to sharing knowledge with their students; students are committed to finding new ways to apply that knowledge to the challenges we face.

Explore the different programs and departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences; commerce, economics, environmental studies, environmental science, geography, international relations, politicssociology, and women's and gender studies. Read about the interesting research our students are doing here and read our Social Sciences newsletter here.

For information on the Social Sciences Teaching Award please click here.
Summer Social Sciences Research Fellowship Application Instructions.