Robert MacQuarrie, ArcGIS Server Analyst, ESRI, California
“Life at Mount Allison offers many opportunities to develop academically, personally, and plan for one's professional future.  I was lucky to discover geography in my second year at Mount Allison.  Being a spatial thinker, geography was a perfect fit for me and my interest was encouraged by the amazing geography faculty.  It was in that environment that I first became exposed to GIS.  Upon graduation from Mount A, I attended the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) in Nova Scotia receiving more GIS training.  With a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from Mount Allison and a Graduate Diploma in GIS from COGS I found myself immediately employable.  The opportunity arose to accept a Summer Internship with ESRI that led me to California.  The internship also provided graduate school funding and I enrolled in a Master’s of Science in Applied Geomatics at Acadia University upon my return.  I now work full-time as an ArcGIS Server Analyst in the Education and Support Services Department of ESRI in Redlands, California.  From mapping coastal change of an environmentally sensitive area to planning the development potential of the Central Business District of a large city, GIS is a tool to enrich all aspect of geography and a potential career path for any young geography professional.”
ESRI is the biggest name in GIS computing and mapping.

Carrie White, Law SchoolCarrie takes a sample.

As a law student entering my second year at Dalhousie, it is easy to recall the many ways in which Mount Allison and the Department of Geography and Environment helped me get here. The small class sizes allowed me to develop closer relationships with professors, removing the intimidation of speaking with the faculty in the department. I was always shown kindness and support in all of my endeavours, including those outside the Department.

Research opportunities with Dr. Colin Laroque and the MAD lab was a unique experience that gave me many skills that I carried through to my Master’s research at UBC-Okanagan. The field experience I gained through the GENS 3401 Field course was invaluable for moving on to graduate level research.  The interdisciplinary nature of the department and my exposure to environmental policy with courses taught by Dr. Brad Walters funnelled me into pursuing law as a career. The support for extracurricular activities and the Geography and Environment Society from Dr. Michael Fox contributed greatly to my ability to take on a leadership role as a Co-Chair of the Environmental Law Students Society at Dalhousie. Mount Allison, and the Department of Geography and Environment gave me the skills, personalized attention and support that enabled me to pursue my dream of attending law school and hopefully a career in Environmental Law."

Carrie did her major in Environmental Science.

Lanna Campbell, NL Program Manager, Nature Conservancy of Canada

In Newfoundland
How I got here:
I graduated from Mount Allison in 2006 with a Major in Environmental Studies and Minor in Geography. I had some great opportunities while at Mount Allison. Working as a researcher in a forest ecology lab enabled me to participate in an active academic community; carrying out field research throughout Atlantic Canada, presenting papers at conferences and ultimately publishing my work in a peer-reviewed science journal. My research experience allowed for an easy transition into graduate school at Dalhousie University in Halifax, where I went on to pursue a Master’s of Environmental Studies. My research career took a sharp turn in another direction when I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant: I had found my passion - communication and outreach.

The years since school had led me to a variety of jobs: from being a technician/lab instructor in Mount Allison’s Department of Geography and Environment, an outreach coordinator for a small non-government group, to working in environmental assessment for a consulting firm, and finally as a program manager in land conservation. Your passion and interest in the natural environment will lead you to some interesting opportunities, as long as you are always willing to grow.