Mount Allison has been a hotbed of student and campus environmental activism for over a decade.

Students have played a leading role in numerous campus “greening” initiatives. For example, the Blue-Green Society—since renamed Eco-Action—helped put Mount Allison on the map when its efforts led to adoption of a comprehensive university environmental policy in 1999 and carbon emissions policy in 2008, among the first of its kind in North America. Student activists were also largely responsible for Mount Allison’s commitment in 2007 to build a Sustainable Residence.

Members of Eco-Action serve on the University’s Environmental Issues Committee, a multi-stakeholder body of students, faculty and staff that advises the administration on environmental matters. As well, students are hired during summer months to perform comprehensive, biannual environmental audits of the university's operations.

Class in actionMount Allison offers a breadth of courses and program options that focus on environmental subjects. But it may be unique in Canada for its offering of an undergraduate seminar class on specific topic of environmental activism. With financial support from the ECHO Foundation, this course has encouraged students to pursue environmental campaigns ranging from promoting local food and agricultural to protesting the proposed Canada-US Keystone Oil Pipeline and shale gas development in New Brunswick.

Among Mount Allison’s recent environmental activist-alumni include the founder of LightsOutCanada and co-founders of the Sierra Youth Coalition, Canada's only national youth environmental network. But each new generation of student activists builds on the momentum of those before it. Our engaged campus community provides students with environmental interests many opportunities to advance their passions both inside and outside of the classroom.