The department is connected to a number of labs that offer students unique opportunities for research and learning.

Coastal Wetlands Institute

Geospatial Modelling Lab

Marine Macroecology and Biogeochemistry Lab

Working in the environmental science labThe state of the art Geo-Spatial Data Centre provides a teaching lab and research space for faculty and students. It supports a range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software used by researchers and industry. In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor has listed this type of geotechnology as one of the three most important new career areas.

The Marine Macroecology and Biogeochemistry Lab houses an interdisciplinary research group (with the Math and Computer Science Department) interested in large-scale ecological, evolutionary and biogeochemical phenomena in the oceans. The primary goal is to understand and anticipate the effects of climate change on marine organisms. They use a combination of theoretical and data-driven models, remote-sensed, field and laboratory data, and fossil records to see how changes in climate and environmental conditions alter marine biological communities.

In addition geomorphological research is conducted in the University’s Coastal Wetland Institute, a highly specialized facility providing laboratory and field research tools and instrumentation.