The PPE program offers students a multidisciplinary immersion in the problems that structure the human world. Philosophy, politics, and economics share a concern with the abundant and widely varying ideas of what is good for human beings and the challenges that arise from attempts at realizing and reconciling these different ideas of the good in practice.

Each discipline develops this concern from a conceptually and historically distinct standpoint.

The study of philosophy teaches students how to reflect on and analyze fundamental questions about the nature of knowledge, freedom, human experience, and our responsibilities to others. By working with classic texts from the history of philosophy, and key problems within contemporary philosophy, students will learn how to rationally and critically evaluate arguments and theories, as well as how to develop their own considered intellectual commitments.

The study of economics consists of examining the decisions of participants in economic systems to discover regularities of behaviour in the expectation that through this better understanding society will be able to remedy undesirable results and achieve better ones. Such a study includes looking at the historical development of modern economies and the evolution of thinking about economic systems; examining intended and unintended outcomes of economic policies; and revealing the economic consequences of participation in trade, exchange, or employment relationships.

The study of politics is concerned with the nature and workings of power, state and government; the rights and duties of citizenship; the limits and possibilities of collective political action; and the social, economic, and cultural formations that shape the life of the political community. The scope of inquiry is local, national, and international; it includes the empirical analysis of individuals, groups, institutions and processes as well as the investigation of longstanding philosophical questions concerning human nature, freedom, democracy, and justice.

The PPE program brings these three areas of study together in one multidisciplinary program designed to balance prescriptive dimensions of the theoretical enterprise with descriptive ones that are grounded in empirical considerations, such that graduates of the program are broadly educated to consider complex contemporary concerns.