First and Second Year

Take POLS 1001 Foundations of Politics, and POLS/INLR 2301 Introduction to International Relations.

  • Take 3 more credits in politics, POLS at the 2000 level.

  • Take economics, ECON 1001 and 1011. (Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics)

  • Take 12 credits in the same language.

  • You should be thinking about which areas you would like to take as elective streams in your degree and taking courses in these areas. Choose two from – Anthropology, Economics, English, Geography and Environment, History, Politics, Religion, or Sociology.  In the first two years you need to be building prerequisites for the 3000 and 4000 level courses in each of the two streams.  

  • In addition, you should be thinking about a possible Minor area of study, and taking prerequisites for the upper level courses in that area.  Your Minor may end up being the same as one of your optional streams.

  •  Bachelor of Arts students must complete at least 6 credits in each of the four distribution areas, and are advised to do so during their first two years of study. Some of these requirements may be filled by completing the IR degree requirements.
  •  International exchanges normally occur in third year, so you will need to apply for exchanges during the second year.  You should speak to an academic advisor before applying for any exchange programs.

  •  You need to declare your Major and Minor by the end of second year.

Third and Fourth Year

Take 3 credits from the following economics courses,  ECON list:  3301, 3501, 3801, 3901, 3921, 4531, 4551.
  • Take 9 credits in international relations, INLR at the 3000 or 4000 level.
  • Complete 9 credits in each of the two elective streams you have chosen – 18 credits in total. (Anthropology, Economics, English, Geography and Environment, History, Politics, Religion, or Sociology)
  • Complete all remaining credits for your chosen Minor

If you intend to graduate in May you must complete an application for graduation  - by September 30th of the year you intend to graduate and a Degree Audit form by October 30th.


If you are pursuing an Honours degree, consult with a Program Advisor regarding course selection for completing 4000 level courses required for the program. 

You must declare you intention to complete an Honours degree by December of third year.  This can be done by completing the “Declaration of Intention to Pursue Honours” form.

Eligibility to complete an Honours program will depend on your academic performance at the end of third year.  See the details in the Academic Calendar, 10.10.4 for Honours GPA and Overall GPA Requirements.


 Students completing an Honours degree are not required to complete a Minor.