Faculty & Research Interests

Dr. James Devine
Department Head/Associate Professor
International relations and foreign policy in the Middle East; the politics and foreign policy of Iran, international rivalries and protracted conflicts; democracy and authoritarian politics in the Middle East.
Tel. 364-2208  jtdevine@mta.ca

Dr. Wayne Hunt
Canadian, European, Central European and Russian politics, communications studies, relationship between public intellectuals and the media, transformational leadership; technology, design and innovation; politics and literature, Canada and the World, the human impact of emergent technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence, public policy, politics and architecture. (on sabbatical leave for 2017-2018 academic year)
Tel. 364-2207 whunt@mta.ca

Dr. Mario Levesque
Associate Professor
Canadian politics, public administration, policy change and implementation related to disability (employment, political participation, transit) and environmental (water, energy from waste, sustainability, fisheries) policy; institutional analysis; natural resource conflicts; public policy analysis; intergovernmental relations, federalism. (on sabbatical leave until July 2019)
Tel. 364-2165 malevesque@mta.ca

Dr. Loralea Michaelis
Associate Professor
History of political thought, contemporary critical theory, psychoanalytic theory, feminist political theory; ideas of temporal order in modern political thought from Hobbes to the contemporary period; studies on political disappointment in the political theories of Rosa Luxemburg, Max Horkheimer.
Tel. 364-2206 lmichaelis@mta.ca

Dr. David P. Thomas
Associate Professor/Coordinator of the International Relations Program
Politics in the 'developing' world; African politics; South African politics; International Political Economy; Canada and the 'developing' world; North-South relations; and the political implications of Paulo Freire's radical pedagogy.
Tel. 364-2211 dthomas@mta.ca

Part-time, Emeritus, & Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Michal Avram
The global intellectual property regime, the interface between global industrial change and local public education and health policy, community-based economic development, geography of literacy. 

Dr. Geoff Martin
Part-time Assistant Professor
US Assassination, targeted killing, and drone warfare; International Political Economy, Canadian politics (New Brunswick, municipal and regional politics), and US politics and foreign policy generally.  

Marilyn Trenholme Counsell
Senator (retired)
Canadian Politics
Dr. Michael Tucker   
Professor Emeritis
International Relations 

Alison L. Estabrooks
Office Supervisor
Tel. 364-2326 aestabrooks@mta.ca
Charline Kelly
Administrative Assistant
Tel. 364-2204 chkelly@mta.ca   

Rebecca Leaman
Career Services Coordinator    
Tel. 364-2226   rleaman@mta.ca 

Raine Phythian
Faculty of Social Sciences Coordinator
Tel. 364-3223  rphythia@mta.ca

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