The International Relations (IR) BA program is designed for students who are interested in an inter-disciplinary approach to international and global studies. International and global studies are concerned with the interconnections between state as well as non-state organizations and actors, the globalizing effects of economic, social, technological, environmental, military and political processes, and with emerging issues of justice, responsibility, and human well-being that are international and global in scope.

IR operates as an inter- and multi-disciplinary degree program in which core, as well as elective courses, are drawn from a range of disciplines such as political science, history, modern languages and literature, sociology, anthropology, economics, geography, and environmental studies.

The program provides students with a broad range of intellectual and critical skills for analyzing the interactions between political and economic systems, cultural norms, environmental dynamics, and hierarchies of power. A university-level language requirement anchors the program. To supplement their coursework students are encouraged to gain international experience by studying or working abroad or by doing international work in Canada.

The department offers an honours or major Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in IR. A minor in international politics is also offered. For the courses required for each program and their prerequisites see the Academic Calendar.

To help plan out your IR program, click here for Program Planning for IR students.

When advice is needed on the international relations program, students can contact one of the Program Advisors, Dr. Dave Thomas, Dr. James Devine, or Dr. Loralea Michaelis (

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