An IR degree is a great stepping-stone toward a number of exciting opportunities. Many of our graduates have gone on to graduate school, where they have studied in program such as Political Science, Law, and International Relations. Other graduates have chosen international opportunities following graduation, including internships, which have taken them to countries such as Romania, India, Indonesia, and Zambia.
Here are some graduates who have chosen to pursue either graduate school or international opportunities.

Graduate Opportunities

Keleigh Annau (2012)

Keleigh Annau was accepted by not one, but four, of the most prestigious universities in the world. "I heard back from Berkeley first, then the next week was Harvard, then Oxford and Columbia back to back," she says. "I never imagined I would get into my top four. I didn't really believe it." Annau says she kept rereading the acceptance letters to make sure she hadn't read them wrong. She is currently completing a Master's in public policy, with a concentration in environment and sustainability.
Susan at MTA

Susan Humphrey, (IR 2009)
Susan Humphrey went from Mount Allison to England’s University of Oxford taking a Master’s of Philosophy in Comparative Politics, with a Rhodes scholarship valued at more than $100,000.

“My area of particular interest is Middle Eastern religion, politics, and culture. As an interdisciplinary program, international relations has proven to be a perfect way to investigate these areas and the connections that exist between them. I hope to pursue a career in the Foreign Service or non-governmental organizations, and look forward to a life that allows me to continue to learn about new people, places, and cultures.”



Mansbridge interns working in Zambia and Indonesia

International relations students Margaret Kromminga and Sarah McNeil were selected to be Mansbridge Interns, valued at $10,000.Margaret and Sarah

Kromminga, from Grand Rapids, MI, will be heading to Zambia this summer. In partnership with the Church of Central Africa, Presbyterian, Kromminga’s work will focus on HIV/AIDS education and awareness, youth leadership and development, and practical skills training for youth. She will be working with Rev. Lloyd Ng’ambi, youth co-ordinator for the church Synod of Zambia, which has some 65,000 members across the country, and will travel to different communities throughout Zambia.

McNeil, from Huntsville, ON, will be working in Indonesia with the Dejavato Foundation, an Indonesian-based non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides social services through an international volunteer network.

Rebecca Dixon (2012), Dehradun, India

I worked with a local non-profit organisation called Partners in Prosperity on its "Ultra Poor Project" in Dehradun (north west), India. This project targets the most disadvantaged members of slum communities and in its year-long trial phase will implement programmes related to health, education, vocational and financial training and social protection. The goal is to improve both their daily lives and their opportunities, especially through linkages to government-sponsored programmes and micro finance institutions. The project is being sponsored by Unitus.

During my four and a half weeks in Dehradun I took part in preparing health awareness materials to be used in regular health workshops conducted in the slums. I also helped with analysing survey data to create the criteria for selecting the families who were to be involved in the project. I had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere and conditions of the local slums, to learn in great detail about the lives of the people living there, to work with an international group of interns, and to learn about Indian office politics. Furthermore, I was able to see my work published online and most importantly - being distributed and used in the slum.

I discovered and planned out this experience through some of my personal contacts, and my best advice for anyone interested in organising their own internship is to go ahead and ask for ideas, connections, need and possibilities, even when there isn't an existing program. It takes persistence and flexibility, but the extra effort can lead to unanticipated learning and growing.Rebecca with interns

 Rebecca with the rest of the intern team.