This page provides links and resources to students who are interested in learning more about the International Relations (IR) program at Mount Allison University.

IR classThere are a number of reasons why IR may be the right program for you.

1) As an interdisciplinary degree, students choose from a diverse body of courses and are able to tailor their degrees to their specific interests. For more information about our courses and program requirements, visit our Courses and Program Description pages.

2) Many interesting opportunities become available with an IR degree, including overseas internships, careers in development, human rights and environment NGOs and in government, as well as graduate school in law or IR. To learn about the many opportunities that become available through a degree in IR, visit Careers and Internship .

3) Many student clubs and activities on-campus address issues that are relevant to IR, and are able to enhance learning opportunities. To learn about opportunities at Mount Allison for programs and activities that will complement your IR education, visit our Student Clubs page.

4) During your IR degree, many study abroad opportunities are available to countries such as France, Thailand, New Zealand, and Japan. To read about students who are on or have taken an exchange, visit our Study Abroad page.