A large number of student clubs and organizations at Mount Allison complement the IR program, providing IR students with the chance to apply classroom knowledge. Many of these groups are student driven, which has given students the opportunity to develop leadership as well as other practical skills.

Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS)
Atlis logoThe Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS) was created in the winter of 2003 with the purpose of fostering informed undergraduate participation in international issues through scholarship and social and political involvement. ATLIS is a partnered with the Rights and Democracy Youth Network, and aims to promote human rights, democracy, and a concept of responsible global citizenship.

The ATLIS Organization is committed to finding new and innovative ways to engage students in the world around them. Our peer-reviewed journal is one of the first of its kind in the region, and provides a much-needed venue for high- quality undergraduate essays. The annual ATLIS conference is another exciting opportunity for undergraduate interaction, and scholarship and participations in international issues.

The Atlantic International Studies Organization is a dedicated group of students from many disciplines. We are united in the common goal of promoting undergraduate involvement and scholarship in international issues. ATLIS actively seeks partnerships with other organizations, other universities, and faculty and experts in the diverse fields of international studies. The ATLIS Organization has ambassadors in every Atlantic university, and is working every day to draw students closer in the spirit of learning and participation.

Visit ATLIS's website.

Centre for International Studies

The Centre for International Studies (CIS) is an organization designed to engage Mount Allison students, faculty, and the wider community across disciplines in critical learning, dialogue, and innovative, collaborative action on pressing global issues. CIS is a joint student-faulty meant to help you integrate your passions and interests into your studies on international topics, and facilitate connections across disciplines and student/faculty lines to produce concrete action on global issues. You can visit their website here.

International Relations Society

The International Relations Society brings together IR and international students. For more information please email them at irsoc@mta.ca.


Free the Children

Free the Children logo

Mount Allison's chapter of Free The Children is an affiliate of the international organization kids can Free The Children founded by Craig Kielburger in 1995. Free the Children MTA is a group of Mount Allison students drawn together by their desire to take action in issues of social justice.

Their goal is to create and maintain a powerful force dedicated to freeing children around the world from poverty and exploitation, and to help other youth realize that they are not powerless to bring about positive social change; they can be leaders in the creation of a more just and equitable world.

Free The Children has started a clothing line called Me to We Responsible Style. All products are made fair trade, 100% organic and 50% of the profits go towards charity such as Free The Children school building projects in Sierre Leone, Kenya, China, and Sri Lanka. To find out more information contact:

To contact the MTA Free The Children group please email: ftc@mta.ca

Visit Free the Children's website.

MOSAIC (Multicultural Organization and Social Arena for International Cooperation) is the club that concerns itself with bridging the gap between students from different cultures, as well as promoting multiculturalism and cross-cultural awareness at Mount Allison University.

The annual banquet, which brings the Sackville and campus communities together features international performances and food. This banquet is one of the biggest events at Mount Allison after homecoming.

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Other clubs on Campus:

Model United Nations

Breaking the silence

Amnesty International

Rights and democracy