On exchange.There are many exchange opportunities at Mount Allison. For information on international exchange programs visit the International Programs site.
Here are some IR students/graduates who traveled abroad to study in Washington, Cuba, Mexico, and India.

~ Washington, D.C.

International relations graduate Rebecca Anne Dixon came to Mount Allison after spending two years in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at Schule Schloss Salem in Ueberlingen, Germany. In her third year at Mount Allison, she decided to study abroad again — this time at American University in Washington, D.C.  and with a Killam Fellowship.  “It is a truly wonderful opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, and to learn more about yourself,” she said. 

~ Cuba

Kelly O’Conner, Havana, Cuba  (Photo of Kelly in Cuba.)
“This Winter semester I went to the University of Havana. There, I studied Cuban social development, including an investigation of the country's demographics, health system, and education system and sustainable development, which focused on farming cooperatives and environmental issues. I also researched the control of dengue fever in Cuba and interviewed researchers and representatives from the Ministry of Health. I stayed with a lovely Cuban family, and our downstairs neighbour was an active practitioner of Santería (an Afro-Cuban religion) - I was able to witness traditional ceremonies and hear the drum beats from the balcony outside my room. Other highlights included partying at the Canadian embassy; learning to play dominoes and dance salsa; lazing on the beach; attending the national ballet for pennies; seeing the country from almost one end to the other; and just interacting with Cubans themselves. Overall it was a fantastic trip, and I learned constantly - about Cuban culture, history, everyday life, and of course how to understand the Cuban Spanish dialect. I highly recommend this study abroad for anyone interested in improving their Spanish and learning more about the complex and fascinating country that is Cuba!”

IR student Kelly O'Connor is Mount Allison's 49th Rhodes Scholar

~ India

Noah Kowalski, Mysore, India
"I've spent the past two summers in Mysore, India as part of the Mount Allison summer program. This is a two-month course with classes on Indian Culture and Civilization, Science and Technology in India, and Women in India. It was one of the best experiences of my time at Mount Allison. It allowed me to experience life in what we often call a 'developing country'. What struck me the most was the incredible societal differences between the upper classes which are clearly part of the globalized 21st century and the lower classes who are still living on less than a dollar a day. This is an exceptional experience for any IR student interested in putting their education into action.“
Noah was Editor-in-Chief of the Argosy, Mount Allison’s student newspaper.